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News Archive

Feb 2021
Why Discard Your Old Shoes?
Over time, we form an emotional attachment to the shoes we love wearing most. When the shoes start looking a bit worn out we wonder whether we need a new pair. And most of the time, we end up making an unnecessary expenditure, abandoning our old shoes. There is a better option – one that saves money and doesn’t require discarding worn-out or damaged shoes. Shoe repair services can not only fix old shoes but also restore their colour. Internal and external damage to boots – whether old or new – can be repaired, as Love Your Shoes has done time and again for customers.
Jan 2021
Your Old Shoes Could Be Creating a Waste Disposal Problem
With increasing buying power among consumers and worsening quality of materials, shoes today don’t last as they used to. Since shoes get worn out quickly, owners simply toss them into the garbage bin. But this habit is increasing the dump of footwear that goes into landfills today. Jose Baladron, Recycling Development Manager of the garment recycling charity, Traid, says that earlier shoes accounted for almost 11% of the stock they collected for recycling. But that has now gone down to 6%. This means lesser shoes are being recycled and despite the efforts of charities like Traid, 90% of shoes end up in landfills. Some shoe soles can even last 1000 years in a landfill. Don’t throw away your shoes if you can restore them. A good shoe repair service can restore them to look like new.
Jan 2021
Shoes Maketh The Man, Or Woman.
This is probably an old saying but holds true nonetheless. Studies show that people do judge characters and personalities based on minimal appearance cues such as clothes, shoes, or choice of colors. A study by Omri Gillath at the Department of Psychology, University of Kansas, investigated how precisely people can judge an unknown person’s character just by looking at photographs of their shoes. The study found that many of the participants were able to correctly guess the age, gender, income, and attachment anxiety just from the shoes. This goes on to prove that shoes can play an important role in building first impressions. So, it’s a good idea to make shoe cleaning a part of your routine.