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Best in Class Shoe Cobblers

Love Your Shoes houses some of the most experienced shoe cobblers in Toronto and state-of-the-art shoe repair shops. We guarantee our workmanship and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee ensuring that each of our customers is satisfied.

Professional Shoe Cleaning

Love Your Shoes in Toronto offers an industry-leading shoe cleaning service across Toronto, Southern Ontario and Ottawa. Your shoes are professionally and meticulously cleaned within 7 days. It’s easy, either drop off your shoes or we can schedule a FREE pick up.

Footwear Colour Restoration

Let us transform your favourite shoes or boots by utilizing our state of the art equipment coupled with high quality colour restoration products – at no compromise. Don’t wait any longer for your shoe colour to diminish, we guarantee your satisfaction every time. 

Toronto's Professional Shoe Repair Shop Near You

Being in the shoe repair business since 1987 we specialize in all types of shoe and boot repairs and cleaning in Toronto and surrounding areas. If you are searching for designer shoe repair near me, we can come pickup your shoes or boots from your location anywhere in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area or in Southern Ontario anywhere between London and Ottawa for FREE and deliver them back repaired within 14 days . If you are near one of our shoe repair shops in Toronto, bring in your shoes and we’ll make sure they have a top quality finish whatever the condition of your footwear. We guarantee your satisfaction through our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We can take care of your leather shoe repairs as well as suede and satin. Bring in your UGGs, wedding shoes or your designer Louis Vuitton’s. When it comes to shoes or boots we are the experts, call us today for more information.

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FREE Pickup & Delivery

Too busy to bring your shoes to us? Not a problem! We will pick them up from your location and return them within two weeks at no extra charge. Our shoe pickup & delivery service is available anywhere in Southern Ontario from London to Ottawa!

Drop Off Your Shoes to Us

Our 10,000 square foot state of the art shoe repair shops are conveniently located in West and East Toronto. We are Ontario’s largest repair shop. You can drop your shoes or boots off at one of our facilities, please refer to our hours of operation.

Ship Your Shoes to Us Anywhere from Canada

Ship Via Canada Post or any method which you normally use and we’ll get your favourite designer shoes or boots showroom ready within 14 days and have them shipped back to you safely and securely.


Canada's Leaders in Quality Shoe Repairs

We clean and repair all types of shoes and boots from Prada and Louis Vuitton to satin and sports shoes. We are the largest boot and shoe cleaning and repair facility in Canada and we offer competitive prices on all our shoe cleaning. We also clean sports equipment including skates, ski and snowboarding boots as well as roller blades and much more.

Complete Shoe Stain


Shoe Repair and Stain Removal
Complete Shoe Stain


Shoe Repair and Stain Protection
Shoe Colour


shoe Colour Restoration

Types of Shoes That We Service

Serving Canada

Canada’s Largest Shoe Cleaning Company

We offer professional shoe cleaning services regardless where you live in Canada. Therefore, weather you need shoe cleaning in Toronto Ontario, Edmonton Alberta, Halifax Nova Scotia, Vancouver British Columbia, St. Johns Newfoundland, Montreal Quebec, Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Charlottetown PEI, Winnipeg Manitoba, Fredericton New Brunswick, Whitehorse Yukon Territory, Yellowknife Northwest Territories or any other smaller Canadian town, we will professionally clean your shoes within 14 days, and have them shipped back to you.

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Shoe Repair Toronto Guarantee

Shoe CLEANING AND Restoration

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

At Love Your Shoes all our repairs are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We love making each and every customer happy and our guarantee ensures we give our customers the peace of mind of knowing that we will always deliver as promised.

Our 100% shoe cleaning and repair satisfaction guarantee is simple and transparent. If you are unhappy with our shoe repair or cleaning work the first time around, we will re-service your footwear at no extra charge.

Shoe Colour Restoration and Colour Matching

At Love Your Shoes we are experts at colour restoration and colour matching. We can colour match any type of leather, plastic and vinyl, as well as some suedes. Call us today and ask us about our colour restoration and colour matching services for your shoes, boots, accessories, and more.

In the photos below you can see a good example of our colour matching and colour restoration capabilities. Not only were we able to restore the rich brown colour to these worn out dress shoes, but we also performed a perfect colour match by transforming a white leather belt to match the dress shoes!

Shoe Colour Matching Before Photo
Shoe Colour Matching During Photo
Shoe Colour Matching After Photo

Before & After

Designer Shoe Cleaning

Shoes get dirty and worn out quickly, but this is no reason to just throw them out. At Love Your Shoes we are experts at designer shoe cleanin, repairs and restoration. Send us your dirty and worn out shoes and let our talented cobblers do their magic. Below you can see some befoe and after photos of designer shoes we have cleaned and restored. Click on each image to see detailed quality of our work. The bottom shoe is a before photo and the top shoe is an after our professional cleaning photo.

Designer shoe Cleaning in Toronto Before After Photo 1
Designer shoe Cleaning in Toronto Before After Photo 2
Designer shoe Cleaning in Toronto Before After Photo 3
Designer shoe Cleaning in Toronto Before After Photo 4
Designer shoe Cleaning in Toronto Before After Photo 5
Designer shoe Cleaning in Toronto Before After Photo 6
Designer shoe Cleaning in Toronto Before After Photo 7
Designer shoe Cleaning in Toronto Before After Photo 8

Boot Cleaning Process

Our Ugg Cleaning Process

Client satisfaction is our number one priority. Your uggs are restored in our state-of-the-art 10,000 sq. ft. Ugg cleaning Toronto facility.

Typically, it takes just one week for your Ugg boots to look as good as new after receiving the royal treatment of our top tier ugg boot cleaning services!

UGG Colour Restoration

Our color restoration formulation pumps color back into your Uggs and ensures it is fastened to the surface, so you don't need to worry about it rubbing off on your clothes or about the touch and flexibility of the leather being compromised.

Ugg Boot Stain Removal

Our professional Ugg boot cleaning technology removes all stain types from your boot hide. We also have a special proprietary pigment formulation for Ugg color restoration.

Ugg Fur Cleaning

Ozoning kills bacteria that causes foul odor & bacteria. To restore your boot fur to original condition, we use state of the art ozone machines to clean and deodorize your Ugg boots without causing any damage.

Ugg Rip & Scratch Repair

We have developed proprietary tooling techniques and procedures to remove scratches and holes from your ugg boot hide.

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Love Your Shoes News

May 2021
Why you should only choose professional shoe cleaners
Shoes, just like everything else, are prone to wear and tear. If your favourite pair of shoes appear dirty, it doesn’t mean you should throw them away and buy a new pair. The best way to deal with your dirty pair of shoes is to get in touch with a professional shoe repair company. The professionals can restore your shoes through a variety of cleaning processes that include colour restoration, fur cleaning, stain removal, and repairing scratches and rips. So, instead of shelling out a fortune on a new pair of designer shoes, get your old shoes looking their best with the help of professional shoe cleaning services.
Apr 2021
Keeping your shoes clean can add to their longevity
Cleaning your shoes regularly is not only good for your health but equally good for your shoes’ health too. A number of lifestyle and fitness experts agree that cleaning shoes is very essential to give them a longer life. A popular blog for runners, named Runner’s Blueprint, says that outdoor running (or walking) can age your shoes pretty fast. It causes a lot of dirt to build upon the outside, apart from causing stubborn stains. The build-up of dirt may cause strain on your feet as well as affect the rubber and the stitching on your shoes. This can drastically reduce the lifespan of your shoes. Don’t let your shoes breathe their last so soon. Take them to a good shoe cleaning service often.
Mar 2021
Caring for your leather shoes
Despite the availability of a lot of materials, leather shoes remain extremely popular because they are reliable, stylish, and hard-wearing. Despite being a tough material, your leather shoes still require a certain amount of care. Keeping them clean is arguably the most important step in caring for your leather shoes. However, the cleaning method changes depending on the type of leather your shoes have been crafted from. Your shoes may need professional shoe cleaning if there are stains or signs of wear and tear on your shoes. Deep cleaning and regular maintenance of your leather shoes help reveal any damage in the early stages so that you can get it repaired on time.