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Why We Are The Most Trusted Shoe Repair Shop in Scarborough

Wide Range of Shoe Repair Services in Scarborough

Wide Range of Shoe
Repair Services

We specialize in cleaning and repairing all types of shoes. Whether you have high-end luxury heels, branded sneakers, or Ugg boots that require cleaning or repair, our experienced cobblers can mend torn leather, reheel boots, and repair soles.
Convenient Pick-Up Options Shoe & Boot Repair in Scarborough

Affordable Shoe
& Boot Repair

We provide one of the most affordable shoe cleaning and repair prices across Scarborough. Our professional cobblers will expertly repair and restore your shoes, making them look and feel brand new at highly competitive rates.
Affordable Shoe & Boot Repair in Scarborough

Pick-Up Options

We understand the value of your time, so we provide convenient pickup options for customers who don’t have time to swing by our repair shop. Schedule a pickup, and we will pick up your damaged shoes at no extra charge.

Leading Shoe Repair in Scarborough

Since 1987, Love Your Shoes has been cleaning, repairing, and restoring shoes across Toronto and Scarborough. 

With over three decades of shoe repair and shoe cleaning in Scarborough, we have developed specialized techniques and methods to restore your shoes to their original condition efficiently and effectively. 

Whether you have damaged heals or scuffed soles, our shoe repair services cover most repairs. The best part? We can restore your irreplaceable vintage heels or rare sneakers without breaking the bank!

Top shoe repair shop in Scarborough
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our shoe cleaning, repair, and restoration services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

We aim to make every customer happy, and our guarantee provides peace of mind for our customers that we will consistently deliver quality services as promised.

If you are unsatisfied with our shoe repair or cleaning work, we will re-service your footwear at no extra cost.

Our Love Your Shoes Google Reviews

Read our genuine Google reviews about our Shoe Repair and Cleaning services in Scarborough and find out the quality of work that you can expect from Love Your Shoes.


109 Reviews

Stephanie Hernández

Place to go for any shoe fix! They saved my new white sneakers from paint & some edging damage and they look brand new again!

Apryl Henry

I walked in to Loveyourcentre to inquire about repainting my rollerskates that I had ruined. Tony immediately took my skates to ensure that he could fulfill my request professional. My skates were repainted, with some added touches, right there and then! Tony was very professional and personable! I Can't wait to go back!!

Nate Nguyen

Tony was not only able to clean the shoes that I thought was ruined but he also was really friendly and explained how to take care of my delicate shoes

Our Reliable Shoe Repair Services in Scarborough

At Love Your Shoes, we specialize in shoe fixing and shoe cleaning in Scarborough. Our professional cobblers are trained to use superior methods with quality tools and materials to deliver exceptional results every time. We provide expert shoe repair in Scarborough for all types and brands of shoes. 

Our shoe repair services include:

Shoe stretching Scarborough

Shoe Stretching in Scarborough

Have you ever bought a new pair of shoes only to realize they feel too tight after wearing them for long periods? 

At Love Your Shoes, we provide expert shoe stretching services and will adjust the width of your shoes according to your preferences. We provide boot stretching services, and we also stretch ladies’ shoes and men’s shoes.

Shoe Stitching in Scarborough

Your shoe stitches keep the structural integrity of your shoes intact. Frayed or loose stitches can result in reduced durability and limited protection for your feet. 

Our expert cobblers can mend and re-stitch frayed stitches to prevent your shoes from acquiring further damage.

Shoe stitching Scarborough
Shoe Sole Replacement

Shoe Sole Replacement in Scarborough

Shoe soles are meant to protect your feet from any surface. Walking with shoes that have damaged soles can be painful and dangerous. 

We provide affordable shoe sole replacement and in-sole cleaning services

We offer affordable shoe sole replacement and in-sole cleaning services that promote comfort in every step!

Shoe Leather Repair in Scarborough

Leather shoes are often considered a good investment as they are durable and versatile. However, regular wear and tear may make leather shoes ragged around the edges. 

We provide shoe leather repair and cleaning services at Love Your Shoes. 

We can restore your favourite leather shoes by expertly mending cuts and scratches. Our skilled cobblers in Scarborough will ensure that the repaired areas seamlessly blend with the original leather.

Shoe Leather Repair
Shoe Heel Repair

Shoe Heel Repair in Scarborough

Walking in high heels helps improve confidence (and height!), but wearing unsteady and damaged heels can be seriously uncomfortable and result in feet, ankle, and back issues. 

At Love Your Shoes, our expert cobblers in Scarborough have extensive knowledge and expertise in various heel repair services, including:

Boot Repair Scarborough

Scarborough’s winters can be harsh on your boots. The snow, salt, and moisture can stain and damage your boots over time. 

To minimize the damage to your boots, it’s best to get them cleaned and repaired regularly. We provide expert Ugg boot repair services at Love Your Shoes, and you can entrust your damaged boots to our experienced cobblers.

Boot Repair Service

Read What Our Customers Are Saying

18 reviews

Kathy Prepos

09 Jun 2024
An excellent spot for high-end shoe repairs and cleaning, highly recommend. I had plenty of my shoes refitted as well as straps added to my heels. Recent Liz has serviced my favourite summer loafers.

Cassandra Havlicek

01 Apr 2024
Michael 🙌 He is one of a kind. I had the pleasure of dealing with him to fix the heel on. my Louboutin boots. They are an extravagant and one time purchase. So I was really nervous. He did amazing and helped calm me down. He's also incredibly personable. I will absolutely go back to him in the ...

Lana Hustler

23 Mar 2024
Awesome job

Larraine L

10 Feb 2024
Absolutely thrilled with the repair job done on my North Face jacket! The repair is impeccable, restoring its durability and ensuring it'll withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way. Michael Z’s attention to detail is commendable, seamlessly blending the repair into the jacket's original des...
Shoe Repair Cost in Scarborough

Shoe Repair Cost in Scarborough

At Love Your Shoes, we provide the lowest possible prices for our shoe cleaning, shoe restoration, and shoe repair in Scarborough. 

As Scarborough’s leading shoe repair and cleaning service, Love Your Shoes prides itself on its unrivalled expertise. 

We have established our reputation as Scarborough’s most trusted shoe repair shop thanks to our highly-skilled cobblers specializing in fixing worn soles, broken heels, tight toes, and damaged shanks. Trust Love Your Shoes for all your footwear needs.

Before and After Photos

Love Your Shoes’ skilled cobblers in Scarborough will meticulously care for your shoes and repair them to the best of their abilities. Check out our before and after photos and see how we have been able to restore our customers’ shoes and make them look brand new:

Sneaker Restoration in Scarborough

Whether you own expensive branded sneakers or regular sneakers, the sneaker repair and restoration experts from Love Your Shoes have the skills and knowledge to restore your favourite kicks flawlessly!

We provide the following sneaker restoration services:

sneaker restoration

More Shoe Restoration Services That We Provide

Best Shoe Colour Restoration and Colour Matching in Scarborough

Shoe Colour Restoration and Colour Matching

Do you have faded and worn-out shoes? We can professionally colour-match any leather, vinyl, plastic, and some suedes at Love Your Shoes. Contact us today for any inquiries about our colour-matching services.

Best Designer Shoe Cleaning in Scarborough

Designer Shoe Cleaning

Restore your favourite designer shoes and make them look brand new with our expert designer shoe cleaning services. Our professional cobblers will have them cleaned and restored in no time!

Buckle and Zipper Replacement

Shoe Hardware Replacement

Missing buckles and broken zippers are inevitable, especially if you wear your shoes daily. Our buckle and zipper replacement services include eyelet (holes, fast hooks, or D-ring) replacement and other shoe parts.

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Free your favourite shoes from stubborn stains, blemishes, and damage with our expert shoe repair in Scarborough. Call us now to speak with one of our experienced cobblers and get a free quote for your shoe repair.

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