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Why Choose Us For Your Shoe Repair Needs

Most Trusted Shoe Fixer Since 1987 in Etobicoke

Most Trusted Shoe
Fixer Since 1987

We have maintained our title as the best shoe repair business since 1987. Our team comprises only the most skilled and seasoned cobblers in Etobicoke. Additionally, we operate out of Canada’s largest state-of-the-art shoe repair facility and specialize in all types of shoe restoration.

Nationwide Shoe Restoration Service

Nationwide Shoe
Restoration Service

Our shoe repair shop extends our services across Canada. Whether you need shoe repair or cleaning in Toronto, Edmonton, or any other Canadian city, we will thoroughly clean and repair your shoes and deliver them back within 14 days.

We Repair All Types of Shoes in Etobicoke

We Repair All
Types of Shoes

We clean and repair all types and kinds of footwear. Our services cover anything from high-end brands like Prada and Louis Vuitton to more affordable brands. We also clean sports equipment, including skates, skis, rollerblades, and more.

FREE Pickup & Delivery Shoe Cleaning in Etobicoke​

Save Time With
Our Quick Pickup

No time to swing by our shop to get your shoes repaired? Schedule a pickup and we will arrive at your location to pick up your dirty or damaged shoes and deliver them to you within two weeks at no extra charge!

Competitive Shoe Repair & Cleaning Prices in Etobicoke​

Competitive Shoe Repair
& Cleaning Prices

Our shoe repair experts will deliver quality shoe repair services at cost-effective prices. We ensure that we have the best shoe repair prices in Etobicoke.

Quality Footwear Colour Restoration in Etobicoke​

Quality Footwear
Colour Restoration

We can transform your worn-out shoes or boots with our high-quality colour restoration services. We will ensure to perfectly colour-match your shoes so they look as good as new!

We Handle All Shoe Repairs Including:

Shoe Restoration

Our team of highly experienced cobblers at Love Your Shoes can extend the lifespan of your favourite footwear with our wide array of shoe restoration services.

Shoe Restoration and Boot Repair Etobicoke
Heel Colour Correction

Shoe Heel Repair

Worn, unsteady, or cracked heels cause not only discomfort but also feet, ankle, and back issues in the long run. Our heel repair experts at Love Your Shoes can replace and repair any damaged heel.

Our Love Your Shoes Google Reviews

Read our genuine Google reviews about our Shoe Repair and Cleaning services in Etobicoke and find out the quality of work that you can expect from Love Your Shoes.


105 Reviews

Shaun Ludlow

My dress shoes had been fading in colour and they were able to make them look like they were new again. Would recommend to anyone!


First time getting a shoe repair done. A few Google searches later & here we are. Love these boots & after using water repellent spray on them. I got yellow pumpkin boots. A few days of waiting & I got back these beauties. They look better than when I purchased them. The minor scuff marks are also gone. Amazing. Highly recommend.

vicky mpampatsikos

My black suede S Weitzman were in bad shape...they cleaned and redid my heels and now I LOVE MY BOOTS thanks LOVE YOUR SHOES ❤️❤️

Shoe Sole Repair

Shoe soles protect your feet against any surface; damaged soles may cut and bruise your feet. Getting your soles repaired is more cost-effective than buying new shoes. Love Your Shoes offers sole repair & replacement services for a variety of shoes.

Shoe Sole Repair in Etobicoke
Best Ugg Boot Repair Services Etobicoke

Quality UGG Boot Repair Services

Harsh winter conditions combined with the dirt, dust, salt, and rocks you walk through every day are bound to damage your UGG boots, no matter how careful you are.

Instead of replacing your worn-out UGG boots, save money with our industry-standard UGG repair services. We can also transform your damaged UGGs and make them look brand new with our special colour restoration formulation that pumps colour back into your UGGs.

More Services We Offer

Love Your Shoes also provides additional shoe repair services such as:

shoe repair near me

The Types of Shoes We Service

Luxury Shoe Cleaning & Repair

Transform your worn-down designer footwear and high-end heels with our luxury shoe cleaning and repair services. Experience the results now!

Louboutin Shoe Repair

Louboutin Shoe Repair

Louboutin’s iconic signature red-lacquered soles have become the ultimate symbol of luxury and high fashion. If you want to resole Louboutins or need any kind of repair, our expert sole replacement services will restore your iconic red soles.

Valentino Shoe Repair​

Valentino Shoe Repair

Valentino shoes have been a staple among fashion icons, especially their classic rock stud heels. Bring back the sophistication of your Valentino footwear with our quality sneaker repair and heel repair services. We can repair, attach, or replace Valentino rock studs to restore your favourite Valentino shoes to their former glory.

Prada Shoe Repair

Prada Shoe Repair

Prada shoes are popular for their minimalist aesthetic and elegant design, with Saffiano leather pumps as their most iconic pair. If your Prada shoes require cleaning or repair, our team of expert cobblers will restore your favourite Prada footwear and make them look brand new again.

Yves Saint Laurent Shoe Repair​

Yves Saint Laurent Shoe Repair

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) has gained a reputation for their quality shoes and sleek design. Whether it is your Smoking Slippers, Opyum Pumps, or the iconic Tribute Sandals that need repair, our experts at Love Your Shoes can restore your YLS shoes in no time!

Louis Vuitton Shoe Repair​

Louis Vuitton Shoe Repair

Louis Vuitton is not only known for its premium name, but their shoes are also seemingly durable and long-lasting. If your Louis Vuitton boots or sneakers need mending, we provide expert shoe repair and cleaning services to restore your LV shoes.

Dior Shoe Repair

Dior Shoe Repair

Whether you own Walk’n’dior sneakers, Diorquake ankle boots, Dior Dway heeled sandals or Dior Star sneakers, our professional cobblers at Love Your Shoes will thoroughly clean and repair your Dior shoes to make them look fresh and brand new.

Golden Goose Shoe Repair​

Golden Goose Shoe Repair

Golden Goose is recognized for blending Italian craftsmanship with vintage aesthetics. If your favourite pair of Superstar, Purestar, or Golden Goose sneakers need restoration, LYS provides sneaker repair services using cutting-edge methods and equipment to ensure high-quality results.

Gucci Shoe Repair

Gucci Shoe Repair

If your Gucci Ace sneakers or Rhyton sneakers are worn out from the everyday regular wear and tear, don’t toss them out. Let our highly skilled cobblers restore them. Our sneaker repair experts will meticulously repair your favourite Gucci sneakers and ensure they look and feel good as new!

Salvatore Ferragamo Shoe Repair

Salvatore Ferragamo Shoe Repair

Revamp your worn-out Vera Pumps with our heel colour correction and replacement services. Our professional cobblers from LYS will skillfully refurbish your favourite Salvatore Ferragamo shoes and ensure that they are expertly restored to their original state!

Alexander McQueen Shoe Repair

Alexander McQueen Shoe Repair

Love Your Shoes’ expert shoe cleaning and sneaker repair services will help you feel great in your Alexander McQueen’s famous oversized sneakers, runway boots, or platform sneakers again. 

Chanel Shoe Repair

Chanel Shoe Repair

Do your Chanel sneakers, Mary Jane Pumps or Espradrilles need some TLC? Our shoe repair experts from LYS can professionally clean or repair your favourite Chanel shoes at competitive prices.

Fendi Shoe Repair

Fendi Shoe Repair

Fendi shoes are the pinnacle of French high fashion. Refurbish your old Fendi shoes with LYS. We will thoroughly clean and meticulously repair your Fendi Collibri shoes or sneakers.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

At Love Your Shoes, all our repairs are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our 100% shoe cleaning and repair satisfaction guarantee is simple and transparent. If you are unhappy with our shoe repair or cleaning work the first time, we will re-service your footwear for no extra charge.

We love making every customer happy, and our guarantee ensures that we give our customers the peace of mind that we will consistently deliver as promised.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying

17 reviews

Cassandra Havlicek

01 Apr 2024
Michael 🙌 He is one of a kind. I had the pleasure of dealing with him to fix the heel on. my Louboutin boots. They are an extravagant and one time purchase. So I was really nervous. He did amazing and helped calm me down. He's also incredibly personable. I will absolutely go back to him in the ...

Lana Hustler

23 Mar 2024
Awesome job

Larraine L

10 Feb 2024
Absolutely thrilled with the repair job done on my North Face jacket! The repair is impeccable, restoring its durability and ensuring it'll withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way. Michael Z’s attention to detail is commendable, seamlessly blending the repair into the jacket's original des...

Wilson Li

05 Feb 2024
MIchael Z did an incredible job on my boots! He was incredibly personable, showed me around the entire facility and was an expert cobbler. I am so pleased with the outcome. The cost was pricey when he first quoted me but I was able to get my well loved boots back to wearable condition.

Before and After Photos

At Love Your Shoes, our skilled cobblers in Etobicoke will thoroughly care for your shoes and repair them to the best of their abilities. Check out our before and after photos and see how we have been able to restore our customers’ shoes and make them look brand new:

Designer Shoe Cleaning Etobicoke 1
Designer Shoe Cleaning Etobicoke 2
Designer Shoe Cleaning Etobicoke 3
Designer Shoe Cleaning Etobicoke 4
Designer Shoe Cleaning Etobicoke 5
Designer Shoe Cleaning Etobicoke 6
Designer Shoe Cleaning Etobicoke 7

Save Money and the Environment with Shoe Repairs

Approximately 20 billion pairs of shoes are manufactured each year globally, while 300 million pairs end up in landfills. When discarded, these shoes go to landfills, where they can sit for up to 40 years before breaking down. Repairing worn shoes can significantly cut down on waste and will also save you money in the process.

Save money while saving the environment with Love Your Shoes Etobicoke. Sustainability is the key to reducing waste. We provide high-quality shoe repair and guarantee that your shoes will feel good as new.

Our Basic Repair Services

Restore your shoes from daily wear and tear with our expert shoe repair services. Love Your Shoes can stretch, stitch, dye, fix and replace any hardware from your favourite shoes.


It can be frustrating to find the best, unique pair of shoes and realize that it doesn’t fit your feet quite well. A poor fit can cause calluses, corns, bunions, and irreversible foot injury. We offer stretching services to ensure your shoes provide a comfortable fit!


If your shoes’ stitches have come undone or gotten frayed, the experienced shoe technicians from Love Your Shoes can handle most stitching issues.

Hardware Replacement

You won’t have to throw away worn-out shoes with missing buckles or broken slippers anymore! The experienced cobblers from Love Your Shoes offer quality hardware replacement from buckles to eyelets, zippers and more


Give your shoes new life with our shoe dyeing services. We can customize your footwear to your liking or restore its old colour and make your shoes look as good as new

Jordan repair near me Etobicoke

Air Jordan Repair Etobicoke

Nike’s best-selling Air Jordan shoes are well-known for their air-cushioning technology and premium materials. However, it is still vulnerable to wear and tear. 

If your favourite pair of Air Jordans require repair, the expert cobblers from Love Your Shoes Etobicoke are ready to help you. We are experienced in restoring, cleaning, stitching, and repairing branded sneakers. 

Get in touch with us today if you need Air Jordan 1 or any other Jordan shoe restoration services and we will restore them to their original state.

More Shoe Restoration Services That We Provide

The Best Shoe Colour Restoration and Colour Matching in Etobicoke

Shoe Colour Restoration and Colour Matching

At Love Your Shoes, we are experts at colour restoration and colour matching. We can colour-match any leather, plastic, vinyl, and some suedes. Call us today and ask about our colour restoration and colour-matching services for your shoes, boots, accessories, and more.

The Best Designer Shoe Cleaning in Etobicoke

Designer Shoe Cleaning

Your shoes are easily prone to damage and filth, but this shouldn't be a reason to throw them out. At Love Your Shoes, we are experts at designer shoe cleaning, repairs, and restoration. Send us your dirty, worn-out shoes and let our talented cobblers do their magic.

Sneaker Restoration

Love Your Shoes cares for all your footwear needs. Instead of tossing your favourite sneakers for looking worn out and less appealing than it was before, leave them with our shoe repair experts instead. We'll bring life back to your sneakers and add pep to your step!

Suede Shoes​ FAQ’s

You can see a full list of services we offer on our services page. Some of the most common services offered for boot repairs include boot shine/desalting/washing, leather sole repairs, zipper repairs, pin lift repairs, rubber sole repair, heel repair, heel replacement, Vibram sole replacement, boot stretching, boot gluing, stitching, mending, reconditioning, lining repair/ replacement, and much more.

We can increase the width of your shoes and boots. However, it is not possible to increase the length of the footwear. It is also not possible to make shoes smaller.

We could cut heels depending on the balance of your shoes. Please submit our shoe repair price form with a photo of your heels, and one of our cobblers will get back to you shortly with your options.

We offer stretching services (width) for our clients with bunions, but we can also stretch your shoes in certain areas that may require stretching.

Our capability to repair a tear in the leather depends on the severity of the tear. However, it is possible.

We have extensive experience servicing the Ontario Police and provide intensive cleaning, polishing, and all types of repairs on police boots and shoes.

Yes, our cobblers are in-house and you can speak with our experienced cobblers in Toronto & Etobicoke locations during our business hours. For the location address and our hours, please visit our contact page.

Yes, you can drop off your shoes for repairs in one of our shoe repair shops in Toronto or Etobicoke. For our location details, please visit our contact page.

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