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Expert Shoe Repair Services in Canada

Highly Skilled Cobblers in Ontario

Regardless of the brand or type, all shoes are vulnerable to regular wear and tear. Instead of tossing your shoes away and buying a new pair, getting professional shoe repair services is the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option.

Our shoe repair services include

Shoe Stretching

Shoe Stretching

Did you find a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes, but they’re a bit uncomfortable? No more shoe struggles. Our expert shoe stretching services deliver a flawless fit, shielding you from blisters and corns. We stretch ladies’ shoes and men’s shoes. We also provide boot stretching services.

Shoe Stitching

Shoe Stitching

Keep the structural integrity of your shoes with our professional shoe stitching services. If you have damaged shoes or frayed stitches, our reliable cobblers will mend and re-stitch your footwear to prevent further damage.

Buckle and Zipper Replacement

Buckle and Zipper Replacement

If your shoes have missing buckles or broken zippers, don’t throw them away! Our skilled cobblers will expertly repair the damaged buckle or zippers on your shoes. We offer eyelet (holes, fast hooks or D-ring) replacement and other shoe parts.

Shoe Sole Replacement

Shoe Sole Replacement

It can be painful to walk with shoes that have damaged soles. We offer affordable in-sole cleaning and shoe sole replacement services that provide comfort in every step! Learn More

Mending Cuts & Scratches

Mending Cuts & Scratches

We can restore your favourite leather shoes by expertly mending cuts and scratches. Our skilled cobblers will ensure to blend the repaired areas seamlessly with the original leather.

Professional Shoe Cleaning Services in Ontario

Love Your Shoes is proud to offer expert shoe-cleaning services at affordable prices. Our shoe-cleaning professionals are trained to use advanced methods and industry-grade equipment to clean your shoes efficiently.

Professional Shoe and Boot Cleaning

Shoe and Boot Cleaning in Ontario

Maximize the longevity of your boots and shoes with Love Your Shoes’ expert shoe and boot cleaning service. We will revitalize your sneakers, heels, suede leather, and UGG boots to make them look, feel, and smell better than ever!

Our shoe cleaning services include shoelace cleaning, in-sole cleaning, shoe lining cleaning, and exterior shining.

Shoe Polishing in Ontario

Our experienced cobblers have extensive experience in professional shoe polishing.

We will diligently remove scuffs, scratches, and imperfections from your shoes and make them shine vibrantly. Our shoe polishing services include:

Professional Shoe Polishing
Professional Shoe Stain Remover

Shoe Stain Remover in Ontario

Love Your Shoes will remove stains and deodorize your favourite shoes and boots. Canadian winters can be brutal on your footwear. Protect your shoes from harsh stains with our shoe stain removal service. We’ll save your shoes from salt stains, snow, and water damage. 

Interior Deodorizing in Ontario

If you notice unpleasant odours in your shoes, it’s best to get our professional deodorizing service. 

We will not only eliminate the unpleasant smell but also remove all the bacteria and fungi from your shoes to improve hygiene and ensure the odour does not return.

Professional Shoe Interior Deodorizing
Professional Shoe Cleaning Mirror Shining

Mirror Shining in Ontario

Shoes are a reflection of your personality. This is why we provide premium mirror shining services at Love Your Shoes at affordable prices.

When we’re done with your dress shoes, you’ll be able to see yourself in the reflection. Make a great first impression with gorgeous shiny shoes!

Designer Shoes Cleaning and Restoration in Ontario

Love Your Shoes cares for all your footwear. Instead of tossing away your favourite sneakers that have begun to look less new, leave them with our experts. We’ll bring life back to your sneakers and add the pep back to your step! 

We have the skills and expertise to ensure your footwear is in tip-top shape and well-protected. On top of our staff’s high experience, we have invested in the best shoe cleaning products and have perfected the shoe cleaning process. 

Love Your Shoes can service any shoe fabric, from canvas to leather, suede and nylon. You can trust us to breathe new life into your shoes because we Love Your Shoes!

Casual Shoes and Sneaker Restoration Toronto

Quality Shoe Restoration Services in Ontario

Extend the lifespan of your favourite shoes with our professional shoe restoration services. We use specialized methods and quality tools to provide top-quality results without breaking the bank. 

Shoe Re-dyeing

Shoe Re-dyeing

Revive your worn-out and faded shoes with our shoe re-dyeing services. Our shoe restoration experts will make your old shoes look vibrant, fresh, and new without breaking the bank.

Exterior Waxing

Exterior Waxing

Our exterior waxing process involves using a combination of wax and polish to cover cuffs, seal and protect the leather on your shoes. This will add extra shine, giving the illusion that it's brand new.

Smoke Removal

Smoke Removal

We can effectively eliminate smoke odours from your shoes with our tried and tested cleaning methods. We will ensure that your shoes are fresh with no lingering odours.



Protect your shoes from moisture with our shoe waterproofing service. We will apply a special coating that can improve the durability of your shoes and their ability to repel moisture.


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Heel Repair Service Toronto

Heel Repair Ontario

Make your heels look just as incredible as the first day you bought them by getting them professionally cleaned by the experts at Love Your Shoes. 

Cleaning your designer-brand heels will not only make them look brand new but will also make them last longer. We recommend bringing your footwear in for a deep clean regularly if you want to maximize its longevity.

Whether you own the iconic Louboutin red-soled heels, Valentino pumps, Dior J’Adior Slingback, Louis Vuitton Silhouette Pump, or Chanel Cap-Toe Slingbacks, our heel repair experts can restore your favourite branded heels. 

Some of our heel repair services include:

We Care For Your Sole

So You Can Put Your Best Foot Forward

In-Sole Cleaning in Ontario

Insoles may accumulate dirt, sweat, and bacteria, resulting in unpleasant odours and hygiene issues without regular cleaning. 

Through meticulous cleaning and deodorizing, our insole cleaning process effectively removes unpleasant odours by directly addressing the main issue. 

Our in-sole cleaning includes the following services: 

Insoles Orthotic Top Sheets Replacement

The orthotic top sheets of your insoles can get worn out and damaged over time. We will replace the orthotic top sheet of your insoles with a more durable and supportive top to improve overall foot comfort and support. 

Insoles New Custom-Made Patches 

We also provide new custom-made patches for insoles to address individual foot issues. Our custom insole patches will be tailored to your foot shape, arch type, and specific needs.

Outsole Repair in Ontario

An outsole is the bottom part of your shoes that directly touches the ground. We wear our shoes every day, which makes outsole damage unavoidable. 

Your outsoles are prone to regular wear and tear, exposure to external elements, and extreme temperatures. But don’t fret; our outsole repair services will make your irreplaceable vintage heels or rare sneakers look as good as new in no time.

We provide the following outsole repair services:

Outsole Patching

Walking around with a hole or puncture in your sole/s can be uncomfortable. 

Outsole patching helps bring back the pep in your step by covering and reinforcing the damaged area with rubber or other materials that match the original sole. 

Outsole Stitching

Some shoes and boots, especially those made of leather, need to be stitched rather than glued to repair them properly. 

Using shoes with loose outsole stitches can accelerate wear and tear in addition to causing discomfort. Our professional cobblers will expertly re-stitch the outsole of your shoes and revive them.

Outsole Repair
Shoe Sole Replacement

Shoe Sole Replacement in Ontario

If your shoe soles are excessively worn out and damaged beyond repair, a sole replacement service can help revive your frayed and dilapidated shoes without breaking the bank. 

Our experienced cobblers will meticulously replace your shoes’ soles and ensure it seamlessly blends and attaches properly to your shoes. We provide sole replacement services for all kinds of shoes, including:

Casual Shoes & Sneakers Restoration Services in Ontario

Love Your Shoes cares for all your footwear. Our specialized sneaker restoration process includes cleaning, repairing, and restoring laces and soles. We bring life back to your sneakers!

Shoe Colour Matching and Restoration

Let us transform your favourite footwear with state-of-the-art equipment coupled with high-quality colour restoration products – at no compromise. 

Don’t wait any longer for your shoe colour to diminish; we guarantee your satisfaction every time. Our expert cobblers can colour-match any leather, plastic, vinyl, and some suedes.

Casual Shoes and Sneaker Restoration Toronto
Sustainable Specialty Shoe Repair
Make Every Step Sustainable

Love Your Shoes' Eco-Conscious Shoe Repair Services in Ontario

Save your shoes from going to the landfill by handing them off to Love Your Shoes’ shoe repair experts. Our team can handle all shoe and boot repairs as well as the following specialty shoe repair services:

Best Shoe Cleaner in Ontario

When Love Your Shoes cleans your shoes, we won’t just improve their appearance; we’ll eliminate off-putting odours and condition your footwear to protect them from future wear and tear.

We use the best methods for deep-cleaning your shoes to make them look good as new.

Best Shoe Cobblers in Toronto

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18 reviews

Kathy Prepos

09 Jun 2024
An excellent spot for high-end shoe repairs and cleaning, highly recommend. I had plenty of my shoes refitted as well as straps added to my heels. Recent Liz has serviced my favourite summer loafers.

Cassandra Havlicek

01 Apr 2024
Michael 🙌 He is one of a kind. I had the pleasure of dealing with him to fix the heel on. my Louboutin boots. They are an extravagant and one time purchase. So I was really nervous. He did amazing and helped calm me down. He's also incredibly personable. I will absolutely go back to him in the ...

Lana Hustler

23 Mar 2024
Awesome job

Larraine L

10 Feb 2024
Absolutely thrilled with the repair job done on my North Face jacket! The repair is impeccable, restoring its durability and ensuring it'll withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way. Michael Z’s attention to detail is commendable, seamlessly blending the repair into the jacket's original des...


Love Your Shoes’ talented shoe repair team has been fixing footwear since 1987. You may think your shoes are damaged beyond repair but contact us, as no job is too complicated. 

We Love Your Shoes, so we appreciate how crucial it is to keep your footwear looking, smelling, and feeling magnificent. Our shoe repair experts in Toronto & Etobicoke will repair your shoes with care and meticulous attention to detail.

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