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Shoe Cleaning & Repair Services

Shoe Repair Services Toronto

Shoe Cleaning & Repair Services

Shoe & Boot Repair in Toronto

Love Your Shoes really does love your shoes. We don’t just strive to improve the appearance of your worn-out footwear, we will fix any external or internal damage and get your shoes or boots back on your feet in no time.

Footwear Cleaning in Toronto

From dust to dirt, hitting the pavement day in and day out can do a number on your shoes. Keep your footwear in tip-top shape by getting them deep cleaned on a regular basis. We have the World’s latest shoe cleaning technology. 

Fastest Delivery Time in Toronto

Due to our skilled team of in-house cobblers in Toronto & Etobocike and footwear cleaning pros and advanced technology, we are able to service your dirty and/or damaged shoes or boots within 10 days and have you back on your feet in no time.

Sneaker Restoration in Toronto

Sneaker Restoration in Toronto

Love Your Shoes cares for all your footwear. Instead of tossing your favourite sneakers that have begun to look less than new, leave them with our experts. We’ll bring life back to your sneakers, and add the pep back to your step! 


Shoe Repair Services

We wear shoes every day so damage is unavoidable. From scuffed soles to chewed heels from pets, there are many ways your footwear can get ruined. However, there’s no need to replace your shoes or boots when you can get them repaired at a fraction of the price! Don’t fret, we can make your irreplaceable vintage heels or rare sneakers look as good as new in no-time.

Designer Shoe Repair Services in Toronto
Shoe Cobbler Services in Toronto

Love Your Shoes will handle all shoe repairs including:

Shoe Repair Company

Love Your Shoes’ talented shoe repair team has been fixing footwear since 1987. You may think your shoes are damaged beyond repair but contact us as no job is too complicated. We Love Your Shoes so we appreciate how crucial it is to keep your footwear looking, smelling and feeling magnificent. Our shoe repair experts in Toronto & Etobicoke will repair your shoes with care and meticulous attention to detail.


Canada's Leading Shoe Repair Services

Save your shoes from the landfill by handing them off to Love Your Shoes’ shoe repair experts. Our team can handle all shoe and boot repairs as well as the following specialy shoe repair services:

Shoe Stitching Services Toronto


Did you find a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes but they're a bit uncomfortable? We'll stretch them out for you and help you prevent blisters and corns.

Shoe Stitching Services Toronto


A shoe's stitching is a crucial part of its construction. If it happens to come undone or get frayed, our technicians will re-stitch and save your shoes.

Shoe Hardware Replacement Toronto

Hardware Replacing

There is a lot of hardware involved in footwear from buckles to eyelets to zippers. We can add, fix or replace any footwear hardware.

Shoe dyeing in Toronto


Transform an old pair of shoes into a unique and customized masterpiece by getting Love Your Shoes to dye your footwear.

Trusted Shoe Cleaners

Love Your Shoes offers an industry-leading shoe cleaning service across Toronto, Southern Ontario and Ottawa. Your shoes are professionally and meticulously cleaned within 7 days. It’s easy, either drop off your shoes or we can schedule a free pick up.

Best in Class Repair Service

Love Your Shoes houses some of the most experienced shoe cobblers in Toronto and state-of-the-art shoe repair facilities. We guarantee our workmanship and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee ensuring that each of our customers is satisfied.

Shoe Colour Restoration

Let us transform your favourite footwear by utilizing our state of the art equipment coupled with high quality colour restoration products – at no compromise. Don’t wait any longer for your shoe colour to diminish, we guarantee your satisfaction every time.

Detailed Shoe Cleaning


Make your shoes look just as incredible as the first day you bought them by getting them professionally cleaned by the experts at Love Your Shoes. Cleaning your shoes will not only make them look brand new, but it will also make them last longer. We recommend bringing your footwear in for a deep clean regularly if you want to maximize their longevity.

We offer Professional Footwear Services

Professional Shoe Repair Services
Shoe Alteration Experts

Love Your Shoes will remove stains and deodorize your favourite shoes and boots. Canadian winters can be brutal on your footwear due to salt stains and water damage from snow and ice. We’ll save your shoes and protect them from further blemishes. We have the skills and expertise to ensure your footwear is in tip-top shape and well protected.

On top of our staff’s experience, we have invested in the best shoe cleaning products and have perfected the shoe cleaning process. Love Your Shoes is able to service any shoe fabric from canvas to leather to suede to nylon. You can trust us to breathe new life into your shoes because we Love Your Shoes!

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Best Shoe Cleaner in Toronto


When Love Your Shoes cleans your shoes, we won’t just improve their appearance, we’ll get rid of off putting odours and condition your footwear to protect them from future wear and tear.

We use the best methods for deep cleaning your shoes to make them look good as new.

Best Shoe Cobblers in Toronto
Detailed Designer Shoe Cleaning Toronto

Our shoe cleaning services include:

Your footwear from sneakers to heels to suede boots will look, feel and smell better than before!

Shoe Cleaning

Professional Shoe Cleaning Services

Love Your Shoes always goes above and beyond when it comes to cleaning your footwear. We’ll carefully deep clean your shoes and provide numerous other services including:

Salt Stain


Shoe salt stain removal

Gritty, white salt stains ruin the appearance of shoes. We’ll remove unsightly stains from your winter boots.



Shoe shining services

When we’re done with your dress shoes, you’ll be able to see yourself in the reflection. Make a great first impression with gorgeous shiny shoes!



Shoe waxing services

When we clean the exterior of your shoes, we use a combination of wax and polish to cover scuffs and seal and protect the leather.



Shoe de-odourizing services

Nobody likes stinky shoes. Love Your Shoes will use the best products on the market to make your footwear smell fresh even after a long day.