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How to Repair the Heels of a Shoe

The heels of your shoes provide support and reduce the strain on your feet by evenly distributing your body weight. Wearing broken heels can be dangerous and may negatively impact your posture and alignment. If your favourite shoes have broken
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Prevent Sweaty Feet in Etobicoke & Toronto

How to Prevent Sweaty Feet

With summer around the corner, sweaty heat and foot odour are embarrassing realities that loom closer. Taking off your shoes at the end of a long summer day is a pleasurable experience. However, the smell could be far from pleasant
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How to Clean White Shoes in Etobicoke Ontario

How to Clean White Shoes

White footwear is a basic wardrobe essential. This versatile colour complements practically every ensemble, making it an excellent option for daily wear. The downside is that the slightest stain seems magnified on white shoes, making them appear old and quickly
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How to Clean Suede Shoes

Have you ever been shoe shopping and avoided a pair of beautiful suede boots because they’re too difficult to clean? You’re not alone. Suede is an excellent material that needs a little more TLC than others. Cleaning suede shoes requires
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