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What Makes Us Mississauga’s Top Shoe Repair Shop

Wide Range of Shoe Care Services Mississauga

Wide Range of Shoe Care Services

Whether your chic luxury heels, popular sneakers, or your cozy Ugg boots need repairs, our skilled cobblers can work wonders on leather tears, boot heels, and worn-out soles.

Convenient Pick-Up Options Mississauga

Affordable Shoe & Boot Repair

We offer the best shoe care rates in Mississauga. Our expert cobblers will breathe new life into your footwear and deliver exceptional shoe cleaning and repair services without breaking the bank.

Affordable Shoe & Boot Repair Mississauga

Convenient Pick-Up Options

We’re all about convenience. That’s why we’ve set up a free pickup service for clients on the go. Just schedule it, and we’ll fetch your shoes for repair without any extra costs.

Most Trusted Shoe Repair Shop in Mississauga

We have been providing shoe care services throughout Mississauga since 1987. 

Our decades of experience in shoe cleaning and repair have enabled us to develop specialized techniques and methods to make your shoes look and feel as good as new. 

Whether you need a shoe sole repair, a boot repair, or a sneaker restoration, our skilled shoe fixers will tend to your shoes and bring back the pep in each step!

Top shoe repair shop in Mississauga
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all our shoe cleaning, repair, and restoration services. 

We aim to provide complete customer satisfaction and guarantee to deliver quality shoe care services.

If you are unhappy with the results of our shoe care services, we will happily re-service you for free!

Our Shoe Repair Services in Mississauga

When it comes to shoe cleaning and repair in Mississauga, Love Your Shoes sets the standard. Using the finest tools and techniques, our seasoned cobblers guarantee outstanding shoe repair results for any brand you bring.

Our shoe repair services include

Shoe stretching Mississauga

Shoe Stretching in Mississauga

Do your shoes feel a tad snug that they’re causing discomfort? Achieve a more comfortable fit with our shoe stretching services. 

We will adjust the width of your shoes according to your preferences. We stretch both ladies’ shoes and men’s shoes, and we also offer boot stretching services.

Shoe Stitching in Mississauga

The stitches on your shoes serve an important role in keeping your shoes intact. Frayed or loose stitches can weaken the overall structure of your shoe and compromise your safety. 

Our expert shoe cobblers can fix those frayed stitches, ensuring your shoes stay in top shape and avoid additional wear and tear.

Shoe stitching Mississauga
Shoe Sole Replacement Mississauga

Shoe Sole Replacement in Mississauga

The soles of your shoes serve as protection against all types of surfaces. However, they are also prone to damage. 

If your shoe’s soles have been excessively worn and damaged, don’t throw them away! Let our expert shoe cobblers fix them for you. 

We provide affordable shoe sole replacement and in-sole cleaning services

We offer affordable shoe sole replacement and in-sole cleaning services that promote comfort in every step!

Shoe Leather Repair in Mississauga

Leather shoes are known for their durable and versatile qualities. However, regular wear and tear can result in scuffed and damaged leather shoes, making them ragged around the edges. 

Restore and preserve the quality of your leather shoes with our professional leather shoe repair services. 

Got cuts and scratches on your cherished leather shoes? No worries! Our Mississauga cobblers will ensure that the repaired areas seamlessly blend with the original leather, making it look as good as when you first bought them.

Shoe Leather Repair Mississauga
Shoe Heel Repair Mississauga

Shoe Heel Repair in Mississauga

Wearing heels can give you a significant confidence boost. However, wearing damaged heels can be extremely uncomfortable and can potentially result in feet, ankle, and back issues. 

At Love Your Shoes, our seasoned cobblers in Mississauga are well-versed in a wide range of heel repair techniques and services, including

Boot Repair in Mississauga

Boots are vital in surviving the harsh winter season as they keep your feet warm and safe. However, the snow, salt, and moisture can stain and damage your boots. 

To maintain the quality of your boots and to prevent further damage, it’s best to have them regularly cleaned and repaired. At Love Your Shoes, we provide professional Ugg boot repair services. Trust our experienced cobblers to mend your damaged boots and have them ready this winter.

Boot Repair Service Mississauga

Read What Our Customers Are Saying

18 reviews

Kathy Prepos

09 Jun 2024
An excellent spot for high-end shoe repairs and cleaning, highly recommend. I had plenty of my shoes refitted as well as straps added to my heels. Recent Liz has serviced my favourite summer loafers.

Cassandra Havlicek

01 Apr 2024
Michael 🙌 He is one of a kind. I had the pleasure of dealing with him to fix the heel on. my Louboutin boots. They are an extravagant and one time purchase. So I was really nervous. He did amazing and helped calm me down. He's also incredibly personable. I will absolutely go back to him in the ...

Lana Hustler

23 Mar 2024
Awesome job

Larraine L

10 Feb 2024
Absolutely thrilled with the repair job done on my North Face jacket! The repair is impeccable, restoring its durability and ensuring it'll withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way. Michael Z’s attention to detail is commendable, seamlessly blending the repair into the jacket's original des...
Shoe Repair Cost in Mississauga

Shoe Repair Cost in Mississauga

Seeking affordable shoe services in Mississauga? Love Your Shoes offers unbeatable prices for shoe cleaning, restoration, and repairs.

We are Mississauga’s top choice in shoe care services as we deliver unmatched shoe cleaning and repair services. 

Our highly skilled cobblers specialize in fixing worn soles, broken heels, tight toes, and damaged shanks. Trust Love Your Shoes for all your footwear needs.

Before and After Photos

Love Your Shoes’ skilled cobblers in Mississauga will meticulously care for your shoes and repair them to the best of their abilities. Check out our before and after photos and see how we have been able to restore our customers’ shoes and make them look brand new:

Sneaker Repair in Mississauga

From designer brands to your daily wear sneakers, our team at Love Your Shoes has the expertise to make them look as good as new.

Check out the comprehensive sneaker repair services we offer at Love Your Shoes:

sneaker restoration in Mississauga

More Shoe Restoration Services in Mississauga

Best Shoe Colour Restoration and Colour Matching in Mississauga

Shoe Colour Restoration and Colour Matching

Are your shoes becoming faded and worn out? At Love Your Shoes, we can seamlessly colour-match leather, vinyl, plastic, and some types of suede. Don't hesitate to reach out about our shoe colour restoration and colour-matching services.

Best Designer Shoe Cleaning in Mississauga

Designer Shoe Cleaning

Bring your cherished designer shoes back to life! Get more value out of your designer shoes by extending their lifespan with Love Your Shoes. With our top-tier cleaning services, our seasoned cobblers will refresh and renew them in just two weeks.

Buckle and Zipper Replacement in Mississauga​

Shoe Hardware Replacement

Everyday wear and tear can take a toll, resulting in detached buckles and snagged zippers. Our comprehensive repair services cover everything from buckle and zipper replacements to the mending of eyelets and other integral shoe components.

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Say goodbye to stubborn stains and damage on your shoes. With our Mississauga shoe repair expertise, a refreshed pair is just a call away. Chat with our skilled cobblers and get an upfront repair quote.

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