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Affordable Shoe & Boot Repair in North York

We repair all types of shoes and boots at cost-effective prices with great expertise to restore them to their original state. From mending torn leather to reheeling boots and repairing soles, Love Your Shoes is your one-stop shop for affordable cobbler services near North York.

Footwear Cleaning

Whether on your UGG boots or a leather shoe, our footwear cleaning technology removes any stain. This includes oil, dirt, and food stains. Our shoe cleaning in North York improves durability and restores the initial colour of the footwear, making it look as good as new.

Fast Pickup &
Turnaround Time

Save time by scheduling a pickup; we will arrive at your location to pick up your dirty or damaged shoes. Our highly skilled team of cobblers will work swiftly to deliver your cleaned and repaired shoes in less than ten days so you can be back on your feet in no time.

Highly Experienced Shoe Cobbler in North York

Since 1987, we have been using cutting-edge methods and equipment to clean and repair shoes, sneakers and boots. Our shoe restoration services ensure to provide superior results than any other cobbler in North York. We are great at what we do and back up our service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, you can rest assured that your suede, leather and satin shoes are in good hands.

With our weekly pickup and delivery service, you can step out every week with clean and well-polished shoes. We approach every repair job and shoe cleaning in North York with utmost care and attention to detail. Our footwear experts specialize in the following professional shoe repair services:

cobbler service near North York

Men’s Shoe Repair North York


Love Your Shoes’ trusted team of experienced craftsmen takes pride in providing men’s shoe repair in North York. Whether it’s a Chelsea boot, canvas, sneaker or brogue shoe, we use quality, eco-friendly cleaning and conditioning products to shine up your shoes after repair.

As the best shoe repair facility in the city, we also repair and replace men’s damaged shoe soles, lace holes, Vibram rubber and more. Additionally, our cobblers in North York polish leather shoes, replace men’s boot zippers and protect the shoe using our Love Guard technology that prevents weather elements from damaging the shoe further.

Women’s Shoe Repair North York


Love Your Shoes experts specialize in repairing and restoring women’s footwear. Whether your shoe heels are broken, or you have a torn boot, you can trust our expert shoe repair team to repair the damage and extend the durability of your most-cherished footwear.

Our talented cobblers handle buckle replacements, leather shoe repair, heel repair, boot polishing, sole replacement, leather stitches and much more. Any type of women’s shoe is not too complicated for our team to repair. Furthermore, we also offer shoe stretching and dyeing services to enable you to enjoy your favourite footwear even after you have worn them for a long time.

womens shoe repair in North York
get an Instant Quote

Get in touch with us to schedule a pickup at a time that is convenient for you. You can send us pictures of your footwear along with your desired service details to get our shoe repair quote. We ‘Love Your Shoes’ and will work to restore them to their original, clean and pristine state.

Why Choose Our Shoe Repair Services in North York?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Shoe Repair Services in North York

100% Satisfaction

As experienced cobblers in North York, we provide world-class footwear cleaning and shoe repair and stand behind our quality workmanship with a service guarantee. Our team ensures 100% customer satisfaction from pickup to delivery.
Shoe Cleaning Technology in North York

Shoe Cleaning

We combine over three decades of shoe cleaning and repair experience with modern technology that allows us to restore shoes, boots, canvases and sneakers to their original colour and state. Rest assured that we will return your shoes in excellent condition.
Eco-Friendly Shoe Care Products in North York

Shoe Care Products

Our talented team of footwear restoration experts uses eco-friendly shoe cleaning, protection and polishing products to work on your shoes. This standard approach helps us maintain your footwear’s quality, colour, and durability.
Top Quality Footwear Care in North York

Top Quality
Footwear Care

Our quality workmanship is built on our love for shoes and our passion for providing our customers with the best possible service. We are committed to helping North York residents step out in clean, dashing shoes, well-polished and protected from weather elements.

Luxury Shoe Cleaning & Repair in North York

Give your designer kicks and high-end heels the treatment they deserve with our expert shoe cleaning and repair services in North York. Discover the difference today!

Shoe Repair North York

Our premium shoe repair facility in North York provides sole replacement services to restore your Louboutin’s iconic red soles. Your Louboutin’s heels may also be prone to wear and tear. Our expert cobblers provide heel repair services and will ensure that your Louboutin will feel good as new.

Shoe Repair North York

Whether your own Valentino heels or sneakers, our expert Love Your Shoes cobblers provide quality sneaker repair and heel repair services. We can repair, attach, or replace Valentino rock studs, and heel tips, and recolor and restore Valentino shoes to their former glory.

Shoe Repair North York

Love Your Shoes specializes in Prada sneaker repair, heel repair, boot repair, and sandal repair. Whether your Prada shoes require cleaning or repairing, our expert LYS cobblers guarantee quality and convenient restoration services at competitive prices.

Yves Saint Laurent
Shoe Repair North York

Your YSL shoes may need some TLC after going through daily wear and tear. Love Your Shoes has been providing heel repair, sneaker repair, boot repair, and men’s shoe repair services using cutting-edge methods and equipment since 1987.

Louis Vuitton
Shoe Repair North York

From replacing heels to repairing soles, Love Your Shoes provides a wide range of professional shoe repair services when it comes to luxury shoes such as Louis Vuitton. We will expertly restore your worn-out Louis Vuitton like it’s new!

Shoe Repair North York

We specialize in cleaning and repairing luxury Dior shoes like Walk’n’dior sneakers, Diorquake ankle boots, Dior Dway heeled sandals and Dior Star sneakers. Our professional LYS cobblers will meticulously clean and repair your Dior shoes so you can enjoy them longer.

Golden Goose
Shoe Repair North York

If your old and damaged sneakers are in need of repairs, our sneaker repair experts from LYS can expertly clean or repair your Superstar, Purestar, or Golden Goose sneaker with our cutting-edge methods and equipment.

Shoe Repair North York

Are your Gucci Ace sneakers or Rhyton sneakers getting worn out from daily wear and tear? The sneaker repair experts from Love Your Shoes can restore your favourite Gucci sneakers in no time! We provide quality repair and cleaning services at competitive prices.

Salvatore Ferragamo
Shoe Repair North York

Feel fabulous again in your Vara Pumps when you let the heel repair experts from Love Your Shoes restore your favourite luxury heels. We provide heel colour correction and heel replacement services at reasonable prices.

Alexander McQueen
Shoe Repair North York

Whether you have Alexander McQueen’s famous oversized sneakers, runway boots, or platform sneakers that are in need of repair or cleaning, our professional team of sneaker repair and boot-cleaning experts from LYS is here to serve you.

Shoe Repair North York

When it comes to Chanel sneakers, Mary Jane pumps, or Espadrilles, Love Your Shoes have the expertise and equipment to restore your favourite luxury Chanel shoes to their original state. We are experienced in restoring and cleaning luxury shoes since 1987.

Shoe Repair North York

If your Fendi sneakers have minor scuffs and scratches, our skilled professionals from LYS can restore them to their former glory with our quality sneaker repair services even if you think that your shoes are damaged beyond repair.
boot and sneaker repair and colour restoration

Boot and Sneaker Repair and Colour Restoration

Get in touch with our professional cobbler if you want to recondition your boots or need services for sneaker repair in North York. With years of shoe repair and colour restoration experience, we ensure our boots and sneaker restoration services will make your footwear look as good as new.

Love Your Shoes always recommends routine cleaning of boots and sneakers at our North York facility to help remove odour, stains, and discolorations that appear over time.

Air Jordan Repair North York

Air Jordans by Nike are some the best-selling shoes and the favourite of many. However, with regular use, these can undergo wear and tear. If you are looking for professional services that repair Jordans, Love Your Shoes is your answer! We specialize in Air Jordan cleaning, stitching, sole replacement and further restoration.

Whether you are looking for Air Jordan 1 repair or any other Jordan restoration services, contact us today, and we will help you get your favourite sneakers back to their pristine state.

Air Jordan repair near me North York
UGG cleaning North York

Trusted UGG Cleaners in North York

Using the right leather and shoe care products, our professional boot repair team can thoroughly clean, remove stains and help protect your UGG boots.

Stain Removal

We guarantee the thorough removal of stains caused by food, motor oil, gasoline, water minerals, and salt on UGGs. We strive for perfection as we erase all blemishes and restore your footwear to its original state.

Stain Protection

Our Love Guard technology, specifically designed for sheep and cow suedes, shields UGG boots from stains that stick to the footwear’s surface and cause it to lose its aesthetic appeal.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

To avoid off-gassing and protect the environment, we use exclusive eco-friendly, biodegradable shoe cleaning products, unlike other UGG cleaners in North York.

UGG Colour Restoration

Our colour-restoration process restores your footwear’s colour and guarantees long-lasting results with colouring that bonds to the footwear. Also, this does not stain your cloth or affect the quality of the leather.

Our Location & Surrounding Areas

Looking for an expert cobbler in Toronto to clean and repair your footwear? Love Your Shoes facility is strategically located near you in North York.

Our team of shoe restoration experts is available from Monday to Saturday to deodorize, remove stains, repair and shine your footwear. We will arrive on time at the scheduled pickup location and return your shoes in their best condition within 7 – 10 days.

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