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Why We Are the Leading Boot Repair Shop in Toronto

Competitive Boot Repair Prices

Competitive Boot
Repair Prices

We offer competitive prices for our boot cleaning and boot repair services. We also offer boot cleaning, restoration and boot alterations in Toronto.

Fastest Delivery
Time in Toronto

Our skilled team of in-house boot cobblers in Toronto can restore leather boots or any other type of boot within ten days and make them look and feel new.

We Repair All
Types of Boots

We clean and repair all types of boots from all brands, including Blundstone, Red Wing, Doc Martens, Timberland, UGG, Sorel, LL Bean, and more.
Convenient Boot Repair Pickup Option

Convenient Boot Repair
Pickup Option

We offer convenient pickup options for customers that have no time to drop off their boots at our shop. Schedule a pickup, and we will arrive at your location at no extra cost.

Quality Boot Colour Restoration

Quality Boot
Colour Restoration

We can bring back your faded boots with our high-quality colour restoration services. We use high-quality colour restoration products to ensure the best results.

Professional Boot
Cleaning Services

Love Your Shoes specializes in professional footwear cleaning. Maximize the longevity of your boots with our expert boot-cleaning service.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying

17 reviews

Cassandra Havlicek

2 weeks ago
Michael 🙌 He is one of a kind. I had the pleasure of dealing with him to fix the heel on. my Louboutin boots. They are an extravagant and one time purchase. So I was really nervous. He did amazing and helped calm me down. He's also incredibly personable. I will absolutely go back to him in the ...

Lana Hustler

3 weeks ago
Awesome job

Larraine L

2 months ago
Absolutely thrilled with the repair job done on my North Face jacket! The repair is impeccable, restoring its durability and ensuring it'll withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way. Michael Z’s attention to detail is commendable, seamlessly blending the repair into the jacket's original des...

Wilson Li

2 months ago
MIchael Z did an incredible job on my boots! He was incredibly personable, showed me around the entire facility and was an expert cobbler. I am so pleased with the outcome. The cost was pricey when he first quoted me but I was able to get my well loved boots back to wearable condition.

Our Boot Repair Services

Regardless of the brand you own, your boots can still be vulnerable to acquiring damage because of regular wear and tear.

Here at Love Your Shoes, we provide professional services for boot repair in Toronto at affordable prices. We also specialize in UGG boot cleaning.

Boot Stretching Toronto

An ill-fitting boot can result in calluses, bunions, and irreversible foot injury. If your boots don’t fit your feet well, we provide boot stretching services to make your boots provide a comfortable fit.

Boot Stitching Toronto

The stitches on your boots play a vital role in maintaining the construction of your boots. If your boots’ stitches are frayed or have come undone, the boot repair experts from Love Your Shoes can handle your stitching issues.

Boot Hardware Replacement Toronto

Do your boots have missing buckles, broken zippers, or heavily damaged soles? Here at Love Your Shoes, we provide quality hardware replacement, including boot sole replacement, heel replacement, and boot zipper replacement for all types of boots.

Boot Dyeing Toronto

Restore your faded and worn-out boots with our shoe dyeing services. We can bring back the original colour of your boots and make them look as good as new at affordable prices.

Our Professional Boot Repair Services in Toronto

hunter boots repair services near me

Hunter Boots Repair Service

Our skilled team at Love Your Shoes has extensive experience repairing Hunter boots and helping maintain their iconic style. We address issues such as sole replacement, patching cracks, tears, leaks, and fixing damaged straps

where can i get my cowboy boots stretched

Cowboy Boot Repair

Cowboy boots are very popular with a distinct style. These require proper construction and our skilled craftsmen specialize in cowboy boot repair in Toronto. We also resole cowboy boots, ensuring to maintain their original look and functionality.

Boot Brands We Repair

Our boot repair service covers all makes and models from any footwear brand. Below is a list of some of the boot brands we cover:

Different Boot Brands We Repair

Our Google Reviews

Read our genuine Google reviews about our Shoe Repair and Cleaning services and find out the quality of work that you can expect from Love Your Shoes.


99 Reviews

Arian Pedram

I highly recommend this place for all your leather products! I've been there twice for a leather jacket and a leather backpack and I've been extremely satisfied with their service! I have also met Tony the owner of the store and he was really helpful.

Suzanne Robinson

Beauty work reconditioning my fav leather slides. Have lasted 6 years and with the care to detail will last that and more Speedy prep as well as was on a timeline. Thanks for the quality work!

Gordana Koljuskov

Very nice ,friendly and professional customer service . If you need any repair change or addition to your shoes that's a right place. They do more services than shoes , belts purses and carpets .If you need any repair call them and find out . Thank you 👍

boot resole service near me

Boot Resole Service in Toronto

If the uppers of your boots are intact and you don’t want to give away your favourite pair, the best solution would be to get a boot sole replacement. Resoling is a cost-effective way of prolonging the life of quality footwear while helping generate less waste in landfill.

At Love Your Shoes, we offer quality boot resole services that effectively restore the appearance and functionality of your favourite footwear. Contact us today for the cost to resole boots in Toronto.

Are Boot Repair Services Worth it Over Buying a New Pair?

If you are thinking of tossing your damaged boots away, think again. Buying brand new boots can be expensive, and the prices also depend on the brands.

Boot repair costs are significantly lower than buying a brand-new pair of boots. Additionally, boot repairs promote sustainability and are better for the environment as this reduces the number of boots in landfills.

Save money and the environment with Love Your Shoes’ professional boot repair services. Whether you require suede boots restoration or designer boots resoling, our boot cobblers will expertly restore your favourite pair of boots and ensure they feel and look as good as new.

Boot Repair Services near me
Boot Repair Shop Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Here at Love Your Shoes, we aim to provide our customers satisfaction with our quality services. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our cleaning and repair services. 

If you are unsatisfied with the results of our boot repair service, we will re-service your boots at no extra charge until you are happy.

Our Boot Repair Process

Boot Assessment and Estimate​

Boot Assessment and Estimate

Our boot cobblers will thoroughly examine the state of your boots and determine the extent of the damage. We will then provide an estimate after evaluating the methods and materials that need to be used.

Selecting Materials & Determining the Repair Plan​

Selecting Materials & Determining the Repair Plan

Once the boot repair has been confirmed, our boot cobblers will select the best materials and determine the methods to repair your boots.

Starting the Repair Process

Starting the Repair Process

Whether it’s boot sole replacement, boot zipper repair, boot heel replacement, or other boot alteration processes, our boot repair experts will restore the functionality and aesthetic of your favourite boots. Following the repair, we will polish and condition your boots and ensure that the repaired areas seamlessly blend with your boots.

Thoroughly Checking the Quality of the Repair

Thoroughly Checking the Quality of the Repair

All our boots go through a strict quality check which includes testing the durability and functionality of the boots. This process guarantees that your boots are ready and no underlying issues are left.

Preparing Boots for Pickup or Delivery

Preparing Boots for Pickup or Delivery

After our expert boot cobblers confirm that there are no underlying issues and the repairs were successful, they will immediately prepare your boots for delivery.

Other Shoe Repair Services We Provide

Best Shoe Colour Restoration and Colour Matching in Toronto

Shoe Colour Restoration
and Colour Matching

We provide professional colour restoration services for customers that want to give their shoes a fresh look. We can colour-match any leather, plastic, vinyl, and some suedes.

Best Designer Shoe Cleaning in Toronto

Designer Shoe Cleaning

Don’t throw out your dirty and damaged designer shoes; the expert cobblers from Love Your Shoes can professionally clean and restore your favourite designer shoes without breaking the bank.

Sneaker Restoration Etobicoke in Toronto

Sneaker Restoration

A new pair of sneakers can be pretty pricey. If you are considering replacing your worn-out sneakers with new ones, consider getting our expert sneaker restoration services at Love Your Shoes.

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